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expert in shower experience

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Expert in shower experience

Dzignstone is the new generation of shower design. Our products are made from a unique casting material based on a formula we developed ourselves. This blend of unique elements has created a material of the very highest quality. 

Dzignstone is not only suitable for the shower but for the entire bathroom. Dzignstone's exceptional quality takes showering to a new level.


Get inspired

Still not sure about the color, the material or even the style of your new bathroom? Discover some of our projects and get inspired.


Show realization

Solid Surface walk-in shower

Show realization

Full bathroom renovation by Dzignstone

Show realization

Flow Line and Dzignstone

Show realization

Dzignstone shower in compact bathroom

Show realization

Concrete Dark walk-in shower

Luxury and design without limits

Unique in its kind

Dzignstone is one of the few materials colored throughout the mass. Thanks to the patented production process, these shower plates and shower walls are unique in their kind. Robust, scratch resistant and solid.

Infinite creative possibilities

This new generation of shower design is available both in standard and customized sizes, and in various finishes. The ease of use and maintenance is unrivaled.

Private placement service

High quality products require an unrivaled service. GNI now offers a private placement service to ensure a flawless placement. Get your Dzignstone shower placed by an experienced installer.

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